Want to Read The Daily? No iPad? No Problem

The Daily Indexed

Well, that didn’t take long. The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s big push into iPad-based publishing, was introduced on Wednesday. And on Thursday morning, an unsanctioned Web site appeared with links to every article in The Daily, free on the Web.

The site, called The Daily: Indexed, was created by Andy Baio, a programmer and journalist based in Los Angeles. He said in an interview that the project took him “about 20 minutes” to build.

Mr. Baio wrote in a blog post that he decided to create the Web site after his friend noticed that articles in The Daily were also online, visible to search engines and easily shareable on social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. But there was no main homepage making those articles  accessible to people who were not using the iPad app.

Mr. Baio said he had not yet heard from The Daily, but noted that the site had only been live for a couple of hours. “If they contact me and ask me to take it down I will, but I hope they don’t,” he said.

Nick Bilton, NY Times


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