TV Industry Taps Social Media to Keep Viewers’ Attention

Alone no more

We seem to be going back full-circle. Decades and centuries ago, information and entertainment really was a shared social experience. Curiously, it seems we’re only now rediscovering how great it to be able to share it again with others.

You sometimes just have to see the absurdity in it. Have we really “progressed” only to be led back to the truths about our human nature?

Over at the NY Times they wrote yesterday about how TV is trying to capitalise on viewers’ social multitasking habits:

“By the time the first ballot is opened at the Academy Awards next Sunday, millions of people will be chatting about the awards show on the Internet. And ABC will be ready.

Trying to exploit viewers’ two-screen behavior, the television network has built a companion Web site with behind-the-scenes video streams, so Oscar winners will be seen accepting an award on the TV set, then seen celebrating backstage on the stream.

Experiments like this one are a sudden priority in television land. As more and more people chat in real time about their favorite shows — on Facebook, Twitter and a phalanx of smaller sites — television networks are trying to figure out how to capitalize.

It’s as if people are gathered around the online water cooler — and the television executives are nervously hovering nearby, hoping viewers keep talking and, by extension, watching their shows.”

Read more on NY Times


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