Worth Following: Memolane

Over the last few days, you’ve perhaps checked-in at a few favourite hangouts on Foursquare or Facebook Places, favorited a few Charlie Sheen and cat videos on YouTube, uploaded half a dozen photos of a random pub visit to Instagram, and posted several status updates on Twitter and Facebook.

When combined, these individual pieces of data start to shape into a narrative, a story of sorts about how you spent the last few days. Memolane, a new start-up based in Denmark and San Francisco, is hoping to capture all those data points into a single, visual timeline, to help users create an interactive scrapbook on the Web.

You might say that, “Nonono, I wouldn’t want to share all this information in the first place”. But I bet that your (future) kids will. Digital natives are thought to have entirely different thoughts about personal data as well as what constitues ownership. The inherent belief that information is free will quite likely manifest itself as very disruptive behaviours in the coming decades (just think of Wikileaks…).

“The Internet tells the story of our lives and it is still unexplored,” said Eric Lagier, the founder of Memolane. He views it as a crucial component in the next phase of social search. He says it’ll allow members to more easily keep track of and sift through places they’ve been to, eaten at, or visited for swift recall. “If you search for New York on Google or Bing, you will get a mess,” he said. “But if you search for it on Memolane, it will show you your memories of New York.”

In addition, the service allows users to create stories around a particular event, and invite their friends to contribute pictures and messages.

“This is a whole new chapter for social media,” he said.


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