Movement marketing in social media

I have recently come to realise the immense potential of movement marketing in social media. Movement marketing essentially means connecting your brand with a growing movement, good cause or some kind of cultural idea that might excite your target market.

In doing this, you can extend and reinforce your brand’s values, allowing customers to relate to your brand more as they relate to people, who have personalities, passions and values.

A recent good example of this is Google Chrome’s “It gets better” campaign, where they celebrate the awesomeness of the web by encouraging gay people to make videos with uplifting words for gay teenagers.

The video above has been one of the most shared online videos globally for weeks, in addition to being aired on American TV. The creative idea isn’t necessarily easy to come up with, but executing it can be cheap, while the marketing value enormous, as people share it and talk about it on social networks.

Instead of being about persuading people to believe something, movement marketing is about understanding and tapping into what they already believe. It means becoming a part of a community, talking with people rather than at them. Indeed, perhaps most radical of all, it requires advertisers to stop talking about themselves – and to join in a conversation that could be about anything and everything but basic product features (which often can be quite boring).

I believe that if you get movement marketing right, there are potentially millions of people who will be ripe and ready to hear what your brand has to say. Who actively want to become part of it, a ready-made army of loyal brand advocates who encourage others to follow suit via social media.

See the interesting case study below by an American ad agency who specialises in movement marketing.


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