Looking forward to the re:think conference!

Have you ever tried to balance eggs during an earthquake? Me neither. But I imagine it to be quite a tough task.

I compare trying to focus while working with digital marketing and social media for business to that kind of task. Focusing on a few key points of information within the earthquake that is digital is more difficult than most of us admit.

So attending a conference on modern marketing may seem like a great idea. It’ll be fun, you’ll make lots of contacts and hopefully learn a lot. Or maybe not. Many marketing conferences are uninspiring, have speakers that think it’s all about the number of likes and clicks. Many are are full of hype and short-termist thinking. But luckily, not all of them.

My colleague, Arnt Eriksen’s new conference, with the fitting name re:think, looks really, really promising. As he puts it: “I took everything I missed in conferences, removed everything I hated and as such a new kid saw the light of the day. The presentations are going to be so concrete and practical that you can go to straight to the office with a new tool box.” Most importantly, re:think has four of the greatest experts on modern marketing as speakers.

Btw, I strongly recommend the blog of one of the speakers, Rohit Bhargava, a marketing professor and Senior VP at Ogilvy Group.  Also check out the TED video below with the same awesome guy where he starts by asking “How many of you feel like marketing is adding something positive to the world around you?” Paradoxically, “marketing has a branding problem”, he says. So true!


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