I’m Erlend T. Hovgaard, nice to meet you!

Erlend corrected cropped flattenedI’m a strategist at Designit
, a leading strategic design firm in Europe. I’m passionate about helping businesses improve lives and create growth by innovating human-centred products, services and experiences. I’ve got my Management education from Cass Business School in London. Thanks for visiting my site!

My professional mindset is characterised by three things above all other: 1. The way to win in today’s competitive reality is about creating the best and most unique customer experience. The customer experience is the brand and it is the sum of everything you do (and say), but often is not better than its weakest link. So marketers, techies, designers, product developers and others need to work tightly together to build holistic experiences genuinely on the users’ terms. 2. Businesses can make a greater positive difference in the world and compete more effectively by taking a stand and openly let themselves be driven by a more meaningful (higher) purpose (no, money is not a purpose, it’s a result). 3. For most businesses and brands it’s really much more important to be loved by a few than being liked by many – so stop trying to be everything and please everybody. Define your focus and nurture it.

In my precious time off I sing in a vocal group called Uhørt, do technical stuff and sound improv at Det Andre Teatret and brew my own pale ales and wheat beers (as well as the mandatory hiking, cycling and/or skiing that all Norwegians do of course). I ferociously devour HBO-series (The Wire is honestly the greatest piece of art ever shown on a screen), The Economist, HBR, TED and books by visionaries like Alex Osterwalder and Tim Brown. Btw, Ragnhild Holmås is the love of my life.

Get in toucherlend(at)hovgaards.com, LinkedInTwitter, Google+ or +47 99 35 39 89.

Thanks for paying attention while I’m ranting on about myself!


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