How to spot the future

How can you tell which innovation will become a success?

The terrific May Wired story “How to Spot the Future” notes that anyone trying to figure out which kinds of innovations are most worth paying attention to has to come up with ways to “size up ideas and separate the truly world-changing from the merely interesting”. I thought this was worth sharing!

“At Wired, where we constantly endeavor to pinpoint the inventions and trends that will define the future, we have developed our own set of rules,” writes executive editor Thomas Goetz. “We have seen some common themes emerge, patterns that have fostered the most profound innovations of our age.”

Wired lists seven rules for what to look for:

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Four global tech-powered trends growing right now

recent piece at Fast Company featured four deep tech trends identified by futurist Jan Chipcase, whom travels the globe to understand how technology (and design) are taking shape across various dimensions of our lives, from the workers of China to the citizens of Africa — and every nuance in between. In short, we should expect to see the following trends belie many of our perceptions and behaviors that relate to technology, currently and in the near future. Continue reading